How The 3 Minds Model and Thinking Can Make you a Better Leader

The Three Minds is a tool created by Ashley Chiampo to help leaders become more aware of their thinking patterns.  Effective leaders need to be able to shift between mindsets to suit the needs of the moment. The three minds– critical, constructive and the dreaming mind – can help leaders understand their thinking tendencies, and then make active choices to meet the needs of a situation.


Here's is a round-up of the 3 Minds Model by Ashley.


  • Always looking for what can be
  • Exploring possibilities, new ideas
  • Looking into the future and long term
  • Staying positive and energized
  • Doesn’t think with constraints
  • No analysis or assessment


  • Always looking for how it can work, how to improve
  • Stays in the present
  • Has a positive, moving forward focus
  • Practical and looks at feasibility of things
  • Aims for growth, step by step
  • Analyzes with solution focus


  • Always looking for what is wrong
  • Questions, doubts, is cautious
  • Seeks out potential dangers, problems and obstacles
  • Assesses and critiques ideas
  • Reasons through logic
  • Paints ‘what if’ scenarios, and ‘should have’ scenarios

Our Critical Mind is rooted in our evolutionary need to be safe"

Senior Director of Learning at Emeritus and Founder of New Global Mind Consulting
Ashley Chiampo is the Senior Director of Learning at Emeritus and Founder of New Global Mind Consulting. She is an executive coach with over 20 years of experience in helping people and organizations attain maximum effectiveness. Her background includes working with CXOs and senior managers in small private companies, international development organizations, and multi-billion dollar publicly traded organizations. As founder of New Global Mind, a learning and development company, Ashley is focused on readying leaders for the global workplace. She has spent over ten years creating and implementing impactful leadership development programming for professionals.
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