Exciting (and Explainable) Artificial Intelligence for Modern FinTech

FinTech (or Financial Technology) has made significant strides thanks to advancments in artificial intelligence (AI) and is projected to grow even further in demand over the next decade and beyond. Trends in this industry present great opportunity, but some of the concepts can sometimes be intimidating to approach — what does AI actually entail beyond being a buzzword? How can Explainable AI help organizations of all sizes improve? Where does FinTech fit in to the new and expanding Metaverse?

Join us for this riveting online event and get answers to these questions and many more from FinTech and AI experts Rudolf Falat, founder and host of the Voice of FinTech podcast, and Pahal Patangia, Global Developer Relations Lead, Consumer Fintech. Register now to gain invaluable insights from these industry leaders and set yourself up for success in this ever-evolving space.


In this webinar you'll learn:

  • The use of AI in FinTech beyond the hype
  • Use cases that illustrate promising trends in the space
  • Explainable AI – what it is and why is it needed
  • What exciting opportunities await FinTech in the Metaverse
  • ...and so much more!
Rudolf Falat
Founder and host of the Voice of FinTech podcast
Rudolf (Rudi) is a Digital Transformation, Innovation and Start-Up enthusiast, start-up mentor, adviser, business angel, executive education coach, founder and host of the Voice of FinTech podcast. He is also a senior Corporate Finance and Strategy professional with a strong international profile and extensive experience in Financial Services. Rudolf has led strategic M&A transactions for Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank in the Financial Services sector worldwide for more than ten years and worked in HSBC's Consumer and Leisure Investment Banking after INSEAD MBA. Before MBA, Rudolf worked in various roles in leading FMCG company in the US, Austria and Switzerland.
Global Developer Relations Lead, Consumer Fintech
Pahal leads global developer relations for consumer Fintech companies at NVIDIA. He focuses on driving AI adoption within the Fintech industry and helps them to accelerate their machine learning models at scale. He also leads Fintech oriented engagements with NVIDIA's partners, cloud service providers, influencers, venture capitalists and startups in the ecosystem. Previously, he has a spent a majority of his professional career at FICO, where he helped retail banks and financial institutions make smarter credit decisions using machine learning. He holds a Master's degree in Business Analytics from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Trichy in India.
Event Details
  • Date
    February 3, 2022 11:00 pm IST
  • Duration
    75 minutes
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