Expert Panel: Designing Compliant and Responsible AI

Join us as we host an expert panel to discuss some key considerations that companies in the regulated industry space need to factor in when designing and building an AI product or service.


During this panel we will cover:

  • The unique challenges of developing AI and machine learning solutions in regulated industries
  • How organizations can ensure ethical practices and prepare for the widespread impact of future regulations on the AI industry
  • Trends in the space and examples of companies demonstrating responsible AI
  • Emeritus’ new course exclusively geared for those developing AI products and services in regulated industries
Director AI & ML at Bayer

Enrico Santus is the Director of AI & ML at Bayer, where he leads data science AI & ML activities within Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance. Enrico is also AI scientific advisor of the Laboratory of Data Discovery for Health, Women's Brain Project, MindPhi and K-Juicer. His work touches topics such as NLP in Oncology, Cardiology and Palliative Care.

Sr. Manager, Education Delivery at SingleStore

David Yakobovitch is Senior Manager, Education Delivery at SingleStore. Previously, he scaled enterprise data science training and consulting at General Assembly and Galvanize for Fortune 500 clients in software and financial services. David is co-host of the Voice of FinTech podcast and host of HumAIn Podcast, a top 100 technology podcast at the intersection of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for startups, enterprises, and the venture community. Yakobovitch is also General Partner at DataPower Ventures, investing in the exponential power of data to transform business. David is based in New York City.

Associate Director, Computation & Computer-Aided Design

Duane Boning is an MIT professor affiliated with the MIT Microsystems Technology Laboratories, and serves as Associate Director for Computation and Computer-Aided Design. He is also the Engineering Faculty Co-Director of the MIT Leaders for Global Operations program, and the Co-Director for the MIT Machine Intelligence for Manufacturing and Operations effort (MIMO). His research focus is machine learning and statistical methods.

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