Future of Payments: Insights for 2022 (Live Webinar)

Fintech, a portmanteau for “financial technology”, refers to software, algorithms and applications for both computer andmobile-based tools. In some cases, it includes hardware, too—like smart, connected piggy banks or virtual reality (VR)trading platforms. Advances in the fintech sector allow consumers to have unprecedented insights, control, and optionswith the management of their finances.

Fintech platforms enable run-of-the-mill tasks like depositing checks, moving money among accounts, paying bills orapplying for financial aid. They also encompass technically intricate concepts like peer-to-peer lending or cryptoexchanges. Fintech has use cases across nearly every industry, geographical market and business model.


According to FinTech & Finance News, there are six trends that will play a key role in shaping the progression of
fintech in 2022:

  • Cross Border Payments
  • Banks on the Blockchain
  • Fintech takes the payroll
  • The Race to Net Zero
  • “Buy Now, Pay Later”
  • Collaboration, not competition

Join us for a virtual discussion, led by our two experts, Jose Graca, Strategic global expert in Economics, CEO and CMO
of Bizmoni, and Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr., Managing General Partner of Jeanensis Ventures and the 144 TrailBlazer Fund, as
they discuss what the payment trends will look like in 2022 from their own experience in the FinTech world.

Strategic global expert in Economics, CEO and CMO of Bizmoni
Jose Graca is an experienced and multifaceted entrepreneur dedicated to changing the way we think about and do business. His expertise includes integrating Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Post-Quantum Cryptography technologies to create solutions in Decentralized Economics, Business, and FinTech. A firm believer in the value of people, his latest project – Bizmoni – is forging a New Way to Work and Play that provides the knowledge and resources entrepreneurs of all kinds and origins need to create a successful business and learn to make decisions like Fortune 500 CEOs. José has been a CEO, Board Member, Remote Team Builder, Manager, Serial Entrepreneur, and Business Builder for more than 30 years. He has also been an Investor, Mentor, Consultant, Coach, and Speaker for the last 20 years. José holds a MBA in Economy and Business Administration from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and is an avid traveler.
Managing General Partner of Jeanensis Ventures and the 144 TrailBlazer Fund
Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr. is the General Managing Partner of Jeanensis Ventures and the 144 TrailBlazer Fund. The 144 TrailBlazer Fund is the first global BIPOC digital venture fund investing in Diverse and Women led founders in digital transformation, big data, innovation and technology. Ken is a widely sought after executive with a history of firsts: Curator of the 1st Women Leaders in Blockchain and Urban Leaders in Blockchain Conferences in NYC. He is also a TEDxTalk Lecturer, an Adjunct Professor in Advance Corporate Finance and Economics of Digital Assets. Ken is an active venture capital investor and Board Advisor to private firms. He also advises large mutlinationationals and mid level capital firms in executing multi-billion (USD) business development agreements in Asia, Europe, Africa and North/South America. Ken is a frequent contributor on radio and television and Moderator at major Global Conferences.
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  • Date
    March 14, 2022 9:30 pm IST
  • Duration
    75 minutes
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