How to Deliver Meaningful Results with Business Data Analytics

People don’t realize just how much data analytics will transform companies in the stampede to become data driven. Over $200 billion is spent annually and 80% of executives know their business will be disrupted over the next two years. But does anyone really know what business data analytics is?

In this session, the International Institute of Business Analysis and the business analysis community will make business data analytics APPROACHABLE for business professionals and technical specialists alike. Keith Ellis, Chief Engagement and Growth Officer, IIBA will help you visualize just how impactful this technology can be, then walk through FACTS on how you, and your company can be successful. No amount of technology or data science can fix focusing on the wrong business problem, which is why business analysis professionals are so central to success. Keith is here to share results from a global research project that provides foundational statistics and a simple roadmap for companies to follow in their journey to becoming data-driven enterprises.


This session will bring answers to these key questions:

  • What is business data analytics and its impact on the future of business?
  • Isolate what's different statistically: One group of companies gets 3X ROI, the other has a 2.8 times higher failure rate!
  • What are six practices in business data analytics that I can implement whether I'm a business professional or technical specialist?
  • What's the roadmap to data driven and practical first steps?
Chief Engagement and Growth Officer at IIBA
Keith Ellis has been an executive in the technology industry for over 25 years, starting with the industry trend-watcher International Data Corporation (IDC). He has held roles as CEO, COO, board member, investor, or mentor to various technology companies, co-founded and sold a business analysis company as well as being a former Chair of IIBA. As Chief Growth and Engagement Officer for IIBA, he is responsible for leading IIBA’s global growth strategy, including strategic partnerships, corporate and academic programs, chapters, and membership value. Keith is a recognized voice in the business analysis community, has published and spoken extensively in our field, and, at one point had over 60,000 attendees to his webinars annually. His 2008 study, The Business Analysis Benchmark, quantified for the first time the economic impact of mature business analysis practices and their positive impact on overall project success rates. Keith holds an undergraduate business degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada and MSc in Computer Science from Lancaster University in the UK for his research in business analysis.
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