Product Strategy and Roadmaps

How often have you sat in marketing meetings where a great new product idea is shared, only to see this idea deflatesoon after because there is no clear strategy or roadmap on how to bring the product to market? In this workshop, youwill learn how to create a product strategy and roadmap that helps define goals and desired outcomes of the product andincludes the major steps or milestones needed to reach these goals and outcomes.


In this inspiring and interactive workshop, you will learn:

  • How product strategy should include vision, business models, and positioning to capture the "big picture" and the
    KPIs that lead to long-term success
  • How product roadmaps can give stakeholders the insights and confidence they need in your product leadership
  • How to align your product strategy with your company vision
  • How to communicate the "why" of your roadmap and the "what", while providing the right level of detail for your
    Consultant: Executive Finance | Marketing | Operations | Executive Education
    Melissa Graham has worked in executive leadership roles and on Boards for different industries and sectors for overtwenty-five years. Prior to her current role, the bulk of her career has been in marketing, strategy, accounting/financeand operations management. Melissa largely works in Executive Education with Columbia Business School and Wharton programs. She also is a subjectmatter expert in accounting and finance and teaches accounting at various higher education institutions. Melissa has aB.S. in Applied Sociology and Business Management. I also earned an Executive MBA in Strategic Leadership and a Masterof Finance degree. She is presently pursuing her Doctorate of Business Administration.
    Event Details
    • Date
      April 5, 2022 6:00 pm IST
    • Duration
      75 minutes
    • Timezone

      6 PM EST