The Future is Now: Practical AI, Computer Vision, and Emerging Technologies

Artificial intelligence (AI), Computer Vision, and the Algorithms behind them can seem more like science fiction than tangible tech. However, these technologies are already being used by the world’s leading companies in practical and valuable ways. Engaging with these technologies presents great opportunities, but some of the concepts can be intimidating to approach — what does AI actually entail beyond being a buzzword? How does computer vision work and what potential pitfalls do we need to be mindful of? How can we take all of this learning and incorporate it into better products?
Join us for this dynamic online summit and learn from industry experts including Jonathan Assayag, Senior Manager (PM/UX/BI) at Amazon Echo Frames, Kelly Moreira, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, and Developer Advocate at Roboflow, and Aishwarya Srinivasan, Data Scientist at Google Cloud AI Services. Gain invaluable insights and learn how to set yourself up for success with world-class learning opportunities from Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science Executive Education.


Topics covered during the summit include:

  • The Role of AI/ML in Digital Assistants | Jonathan Assayag
  • Preventing Algorithmic Bias in Computer Vision | Kelly Moreira
  • Building Better AI Products | Aishwarya Srinivasan
  • Throughout the event, you’ll also learn about opportunities to dive deeper into these cutting-edge fields
    through learning opportunities at Carnegie Mellon University, ranked #1 in Artificial Intelligence Specialty and
    Graduate Programs for Computer Science (US News and World Report).
Senior Manager (PM/UX/BI) - Amazon Echo Frames
Jonathan is an experienced product leader with a track record of developing and launching innovative products. At Amazon, he heads the Product Experiences Group for Amazon’s smart eyewear initiative, Echo Frames (Alexa-powered eyeglasses and the company's first wearable device). His teams oversee Product Management, UX Design, User Research, and Business Intelligence across both hardware and software development. He co-founded and led a venture-backed startup in Brazil called Lema21 Eyewear (dubbed ""Warby Parker of Brazil"" by TechCrunch), which cut middlemen to design and retail quality eyewear for a disruptive price. The combined company became Brazil’s largest eyewear eCommerce and Jonathan led the product team to launch the country’s first mobile eyewear retail platform. He began his product career in online education, building a scholarship search engine ranked #1 by USA Today. Jonathan has an MBA from Harvard Business School and engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University.
Developer Advocate - Roboflow
Kelly has a background in both software engineering as a full stack developer, and data science. She's an honors graduate and endowed scholar of CorrelationOne's ""Data Science for All"" fellowship program, and has recently been working with Roboflow as their Developer Advocate where she is building the developer experience in computer vision.
Data Scientist - Google Cloud AI Services
Aishwarya is working as a Data Scientist in the Google Cloud AI Services team to build machine learning solutions for customer use cases, leveraging core Google products including TensorFlow, DataFlow, and AI Platform. Aishwarya was working as an AI & ML Innovation Leader at IBM Data & AI, where she was working cross-functionally with the product team, data science team and sales to research AI use-cases for clients by conducting discovery workshops and building assets to showcase the business value of the technology. She is an advocate for open-source technologies; previously a developer advocate for PyTorch Lightning and a contributor to Scikit Learn. She holds a post-graduate in Data Science from Columbia University. She has a huge follower base on LinkedIn and actively organizes events and conferences to inspire budding data scientists. She has been spotlighted as a LinkedIn Top Voice 2020 for Data Science and AI, which features Top 10 Machine Learning influencers across the world.
Director of Executive Education, School of Computer Science
Ram Konduru is the Director of Executive Education in the School of Computer Science (SCS) at CMU. Ram's team manages bespoke and open enrollment executive education programs for the 7 departments (Computational Biology, Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction Institute, Institute for Software Research, Language Technologies Institute, Machine Learning Department and The Robotics Institute) in SCS. Ram's focus is on expanding global access to SCS's world renowned faculty and their expert knowledge in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.​Ram earned an MBA from the Tepper School of Business at CMU and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications from the University of Madras, India.
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