The World of Content Marketing

In this workshop, you will deep-dive into the world of content marketing, from formats, copywriting to SEO to free content creation tools and more. Prior to the session, it would be helpful for you to read these articles:



In this inspiring and interactive workshop, you will learn:

  • The Rise of Content
  • Forms of Content
  • Content Copywriting and SEO
  • Content Marketing Resources and Tools
  • Benefits and Pitfalls
Director, Big Wall Consultancy
Lydia Yang is an adjunct speaker and co-founder of Big Wall Consultancy, a digital marketing agency providing digital marketing solutions for a portfolio of clients around the world. She is a marketing expert with over 9 years of experience in the Travel, FMCG and Retail Industry. Some of Lydia’s previous corporate experience includes working with top international brands like Marriott International, Sony Electronics, 7-Eleven and more. Lydia frequently engages in public speaking and digital marketing training/workshops for organizations like the National University of Singapore, Coca Cola and more, sharing some of her knowledge and expertise with a wide audience locally as well as internationally. Lydia is involved in multiple initiatives to promote more robust digital marketing and pursuing one’s passion for travel. She works closely with various clients to train and execute customized digital marketing strategies based on their business needs. She has also developed and rolled out her own Social Media Online Course specifically crafted for the Travel Industry.
Event Details
  • Date
    April 28, 2022 6:00 pm IST
  • Duration
    75 minutes
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  • Timezone

    6:00 PM IST