Digital Marketing and the Metaverse: What, So What, and What Now?

To many, the Metaverse may seem more like a virtual playground than something with verifiable value. However, thetechnologies that make up this groundbreaking space are already being used by the world’s leading companies in practicaland worthwhile ways. Engaging with these systems presents great opportunities, but some of the concepts can beintimidating to approach — what does the Metaverse actually entail beyond being a buzzword? Why does it matter fororganizations and what novel nuances do we need to be mindful of? How can we take all of this and use it to optimize thenext generation of digital marketing strategies?


Join us for this dynamic online event and get answers to these questions and more from pioneering expert Professor
Mohanbir Sawhney, Associate Dean for Digital Innovation at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management. Gain invaluable
insights and learn how to set yourself up for success in this ever-evolving space.

Professor Mohanbir Sawhney Associate Dean of Digital Innovation; McCormick Foundation Chair of Technology; Clinical Professor of Marketing @Northwestern Kellogg
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