How To Use Cognitive Biases To Get More Clicks, Leads & Sales & Higher ROI

In this workshop, you will learn how to use cognitive biases to increase clicks, get more leads, reduce your costs andincrease your return on investment. You will also learn how to convert your visitors into leads.


In this inspiring and interactive workshop, you will learn:

  • The behavioural science and research that underpins the importance of using cognitive biases
  • How to discover weak spots in your sales and marketing campaigns and how to fill those gaps so you convert
  • Practical examples of each trigger, how to use and when to use it.
  • The ability to make changes to your campaigns within hours, not days, weeks or months.
  • How to reduce your costs and increase your return on investment (ROI) by making more people take action
  • How to convert more of your visitors into leads, customers and subscribers, at lower acquisition costs
Managing Director of Digital Services at Inspired Thinking Group
Chris is a highly experienced educator and executive facilitator helping senior leaders and extended leadership teams uncover hidden value in the enterprise and implement strategies that deliver sustainable business growth. Having founded a number of start ups and helped grow dozens of business internationally, Chris brings his real-world experience where results rule and budgets cannot be wasted on theory to every engagement. Over the past 17 years he has worked with a range of brands, agencies, industry trade bodies and technology leaders around the world to deliver executive education programs, enterprise level training, consultancy services and service delivery across EMEA. His clients include L’Oréal, Google, Puma, Heineken, Pepsi Co, Telia, IAB, Virgin Media, Disney, McDonalds, Renault, EA Games, Leo Burnet, Sapient Nitro, Cohn & Wolfe, Penguin Random House, Adidas, Henkel & Philip Morris International Chris is also the author of The Digital Hack and Psychological Conversion Triggers.
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