Anser Aly

Anser is a passionate Marketer with 20 years of international expertise in building and growing multiple billion dollar brands across a range of diverse markets in Europe, Middle East, Asia & Australia. He has held a variety of Global, Regional & Local roles in multiple Fortune 500 companies like Shell, Henkel & Unilever.

Anser started his career in the UK, by joining Deloitte Consulting in London. After consulting on some of the biggest global brands & a diverse range of NYSE listed clients, he soon discovered his passion for Marketing. Since then, Anser has been the recipient of multiple international awards including the coveted Cannes (thrice!) for his much acclaimed Digital Marketing Campaigns across South East Asia.
As an industry veteran & an accomplished cutting-edge Marketer, Anser is a sought after Keynote Speaker at Marketing & Digital Advertising Conferences across Asia, Russia & USA. Anser has also been a Visiting Professor and Guest Lecturer at various top tier business schools such as Chicago Booth, Singapore Management University, London Business Schools and most recently Harvard Business School.

Anser’s expertise extends to Marketing Training & Capability Building. Based out of Unilever’s London headquarters, in his previous role Anser had been responsible for training & upskilling more than 6,000 Unilever Marketers worldwide. Currently he is based out of Singapore, responsible for one of Unilever’s biggest global brands exceeding 1 Billion dollars in annual turnover.

Events of the Speaker
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