Free marketing: The need for Authenticity for Brands in a world of Fake News

In this workshop, you will learn the Free Marketing Framework, developed by Alex himself. He will also explain why authenticity and fake news coexist today.


In this inspiring and interactive workshop, you will learn:

  • The importance of understanding the landscape in which your brand is being discussed.
  • Why brand authenticity and fake news, coexist.
  • The Free Marketing Framework- developed by Alex himself.
Digital Marketing Expert
Alex Brown has been teaching digital marketing for 25 years, witnessing the transformative shift that digital has had on the marketing landscape. Alex has also worked as a consultant and partnered in several early digital start-ups. Much of Alex's focus, on the digital landscape, has been on the ability to build community among your customers. Along the way, he developed a framework: Free Marketing Framework. Free, in this case, refers to freedom of speech; the freedom that customers now have to express their feedback on their experiences with brands, and the ease with which other customers can benefit from that content.